Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps

A Drum corps like no other

The Couchmen are a Drum Corps for Everybody. While we may not be an actual drum corps (maybe one day), we want to be something everyone in the marching arts can identify with. From members, to alumni, to parents, and casual fans. 

Why we exist

Drum Corps can be a stressful environment, both physically and mentally. Through humor, one of our biggest goals everyday is to bring a little bit of emotional relief to performers across the activity, along with a subtle reminder that "Its just band." 


Excellence in everything

Even though we try not to take ourselves too seriously, we still hold ourselves to high standards. The lessons we learned while in drum corps - work ethic, integrity, respect for others - are all things we try to incorporate in our online presence. 

cool clothes

The last thing the marching arts activity needs is another line of cheesy band t-shirts. Thats why we put so much effort (ironic we know) into creating apparel that performers can identify with and enjoy, both on the field and off.