Couchmen Membership


We're excited to announce the first official Couchmen Membership Program! 

Members will receive a special edition Member T-Shirt showcasing our new and improved identity. Additional, you'll receive a Couchmen Sticker Pack with some of our favorite designs, and 10% off all orders for a year. Certain to come in handy when we drop new Merch for Christmas this year! 

Couchmen Membership

Introducing the first ever Couchmen Membership package! For the last 5 years, we've received inquiry after inquiry of "How do I join?" We've decided to create an official path for prospective members to join. Included in your yearly "Member Dues" is the following:

  • Special Edition Couchmen Member T-Shirt

  • 10% Off all Web-store orders for 1 year

  • Couchmen Sticker Pack

  • Newly Released Couhcmen Shako Sticker

  • Limited Edition 2018 Couchmen Member Certificate

  • First look at new Couchmen merch, online articles and more!

  • The Cheapest Member Dues in all of Drum Corps

You can also join our e-mail list to stay up to date on all the largest and latest Couchmen News from Summer Events to new product drops. We appreciate your support! 

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