Couchmen 2018 Show: "This Flat Earth"

Announcing their 2018 Program, The Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps is proud to present: "This Flat Earth"

With commercial space travel becoming more prevalent in modern society thanks to companies like SpaceX, "This Flat Earth" tells the story of the first Civilian space mission to the Moon and back. While testing the limits of modern technology is the main purpose of their mission, what these brave Men and Women discover has humanity shaken to its core: The Earth is Flat.


"This Bitter Earth" by Clyde Otis is the musical glue that holds the show together from Lift-Off till Landing. As our Voyagers embark on the first mission of kind, this piece harkens back to the 1960's - the era of the first Space Race between the United States and the USSR.

John Mackey's hauntingly beautiful "This Cruel Moon" explores the emotional tension of experiencing existence on the moon, while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind The Government's longest kept secret and conspiracy. 

No stranger to the Drum Corps field (See: Crossmen 2012), Michael Jackson's iconic "Earth Song" represents a call for truth. As transmitted images of The Earth make their way across social media, mass protests and riots ensue worldwide. 

Finally, Dvořák’s classic "New World Symphony" depicts life back on our now seemingly unfamiliar home planet. This chapter will take humanity, quite literally, to the Edge of the Earth.


"This Flat Earth" show shirts are currently available for purchase on Amazon. Also available are Drum Corps Flat Earth Society stickers. Spread the truth 

This Flat Earth


Phone Background


Desktop Background

ThisFlatEarth Desktop

Dut Dut D8: The Drum Corps Dating App

Dallas, Texas:

New for the 2018 Tour, an App that is sure to revolutionize the Marching Arts: Dut Dut D8. 

In Use

This app is sure to revolutionize the Drum Corps activity. Everything from finding your seat partner to finding your future spouse will be made possible through this latest innovation.

 The Home Screen

The Home Screen

Once members sign up for an account, they'll be asked to input some basic information about themselves to help determine compatibility with their fellow marchers

 The robust profile section ensures a perfect match

The robust profile section ensures a perfect match

The App is open only to current Drum Corps members, who must verify their marching status with a corps contract form the current year. You'll also only be notified if a Match is nearby. This means you won't waste time trying to find your soul-mate on the west coast when you're stuck on Swamp Tour™

 BOX 5 Match!

BOX 5 Match!

You'll of course be given recommendations, along with a rating of Box 1 through 5, to help you determine wheather you want to swipe right or [CUT] this prospect loose and keep looking.



Dut Dut D8 will be available on iOS, Android, and Dr. Beat devices by Spring Training of 2018


Couchmen Announce New Food Truck

Denton, Texas: 

The Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps have announced a brand new state-of-the-art fleet of trucks for the 2018 Season. 

Drum Corps Parking Lot

In addition to the much anticipated and long rumored Food Truck, The Couchmen also announced the addition of an Equipment Truck to the Fleet. The Equipment truck will be outfitted with industrial sized ovens, freezers, and cooking equipment to serve as a backup food truck should anything happen to the primary vehicle. 

Drum Corps Food Truck

The list of innovations for the Primary Vehicle is extensive, including numerous features never before seen on a Marching Arts Mobile Cooking Apparatus.


  • Multiple deep fryers so the corps can have fresh donuts for breakfast everyday
  • 34 Foot Grill Top - rated to cook 7 Tons of Bacon per day
  • Craft Coffee Shop located in the rear section of the truck
  • Iced sports drink dispensers
  • Two Wood Brick Pizza Ovens
  • Storage space SPECIFICALLY for Chicken Patties
  • Computer Server containing every Drum Corps recipe ever created
  • The roof of the truck is just a pool filled with chocolate milk
  • Ability to convert into Optimus Prime in case of emergencies

If you need a snack in the lot this summer, odds are the Couchmen Food Truck is going to be the place to look. 

 Photo by Erik Lindquist

Photo by Erik Lindquist

Couchmen Reveal New Logo + Spring Merch Lineup

In addition to our new logo (Prominently dispalyed across our Wesbite and Social platforms!) we're incredibly excited to announce our new apparel lineup for the Spring of 2018! While we've got a few more things up our sleeves this month, you can check out the beginnings of our new lineup on the site now!


The first offering is the classic Eagle T-shirt. Inspired by the Shakos worn by countless Drum Corps and Marching Band throughout the history of our activity, the Eagle design puts a fun (and undeniably Couchmen) take on an already timeless design.

Our new Logo is not only incorporated within the Eagle design itself, but incorporates the trademark Couchmen Donut. Half-eaten because of course, donuts are worthless otherwise. 

While The Couchmen have historically created apparel made to by enjoyed off the field, this year we're bringing our brand on the field, with a new line of Tank-Tops thats perfect for those 100+ days on tour. Featuring a simplified Black and White Version of the Eagle Design and a trendy black trim, you'll be as comfortable in these tanks on the field as you are on a Wal-Mart run. 

Couchmen Tank Top

We've got more exciting news and Merch coming your way throughout the month of March, so keep an eye out for more both here and on social media! 

And since we're feeling generous, enjoy this new phone wallpaper

Drum Corps WallPaper

DCI Bans Brass Instruments

Indianapolis, Indiana:

In a shocking press conference, Drum Corps International announced this week that, effective immediately, they would no longer allow Brass Instruments on the field in competition.

"Its been a long time coming" announced Dan Acheson, "But we're finally making this difficult decision that will ultimately move our activity forward." 

 A visibly angry Stone Wang 

A visibly angry Stone Wang 

Thousands of brass players surrounded the DCI offices in protest, playing brass instruments loudly and just being generally obnoxious. "It was going to be my Age-Out."  cried Santa Clara Vanguard Horn Sergeant, Stone Wang "I ordered 85 pairs of Adidas track pants for this summer already, one for each day of tour. Now I can't even return them."

While many were clearly outraged by this decision, several saw it as not only inevitable, but positive. 

Long time DCI Artistic Director Michael Cesario chimed in: "Drum Corps is great, but for the last 4 decades Brass Instruments have sort of been the elephant in the room. They're just so loud! The change from G Bugles to B-Flat instruments was definitely a step in the right direction. This last step was inevitable." 

Percussionist across the activity were thrilled to hear the news, as the promise of shorter shower and food lines spread throughout the activity like wildfire. Colorguard members cheered at the thought of no longer having 3rd trumpets blast low e-flats in their ears.

 The Blue Stars Tuba Section, shocked and unsure of what to do with their new found useless pieces of metal

The Blue Stars Tuba Section, shocked and unsure of what to do with their new found useless pieces of metal