2014 DCI Finals Review - Couchmen Review

The 2014 Drum Corps International season turned out to be one for the record books. We laughed, we slept, we ate lots of bacon, but most of all we enjoyed some wonderful drum corps shows from the comfort of stadium seating across America. Below are our thoughts on the 12 finalist corps this year.

Crossmen: Are the Caravans outfitted with futons and mini-fridges?  

Madison Scouts - Marching in short sleeves seems pleasant. 

Boston Crusaders - Animal Farm. So.....bacon? 

Blue Stars - What can be said that hasn't already been said. The absolute best use of a couch in the history of the Drum Corps International activity. 

Blue Knights - That One Second? More like 5 More Minutes.


Phantom Regiment - This is embarrasing but...we didn't make it back from the bathroom in time to catch Regiment's show. Stopping to pick up 12 hot dogs on the way might not have helped. We promise we'll enjoy your show once its posted to The Fan Network on our 55 inch flat-screen.

The Cavaliers - We imagine the conversation went like this:

Pit Tech: "Alright men, here is your drill for sets 37-53. See you at visual block."

Pit Members: "Haha! Pit members with drill, like that will ever happen."

Pit Tech: "No...really."

Pit Members: *Weeping*

Carolina Crown - We wonder: Are couches more comfortable in space? What about milkshakes? Are those possible in zero-g? 

Santa Clara Vanguard - Giant, fluffy pillows all over the field? We hope to see more of these in the future.

Not the greatest pillow technique. I'm sure this will be addressed by means of staffing changes for the 2015 season

The Cadets - We kept waiting for the narrator to read us bed time stories, but he was constantly interrupted by American Presidents. #ThanksObama

Bluecoats - Serious question: HOW do you keep those helmets from falling off your heads with all of that tilting? 

Blue Devils - 99.65? We have recurring nightmares about exuding this much effort.