Couchmen Reveal 2016 Uniforms

Dallas, TX:

The Couchmen are excited to reveal their uniforms for the 2016 season. Sponsored by FJM (Fuzzy Jammy Makers), the Couchmen will wear very fuzzy, very warm sweaters with a single opening for the head and arms. 

Couchmen Uniform

The uniforms will be available in many colors, and in a groundbreaking first for the Drum Corps activity, The Couchmen will allow members to select their uniforms in a color of their choosing, though with the wealth of alumni from Blue Devils, Bluecoats, Blue Stars, and Blue Knights, we expect Blue to be most the most popular. With this decision, the Couchmen are poised to push the envelope even further, especially in the realm of Visual design. 

Drum Corps Uniforms

The uniforms will also transition well to the bus, allowing members to stay warm and cozy despite the frigid A/C found on modern charter buses.