Couchmen Review of DCI 2016 Finals

The 2016 tour has come to the end, and its time for our annual review of each finalist show. Please enjoy our thoughts on the state of this fine activity we call Drum Corps.

12. Boston Crusaders: QUIXOTIC

Two words: Pit girl. She stole our hearts, and The Crusaders stole the Cadets staff.

11. The Academy: Drum Corpse Bride

Guys, you spelled "corps" wrong. Come on now. We'll forgive them since they started their show sitting down and had a nap block halfway through. 

 RIP Harambe

RIP Harambe

10. Crossmen: Continuum

Special thanks to the Crossmen for selling our shirts all summer and for letting us literally setup a couch at their souvie booth. That double sided flag feature was incredible. Made us think of double-stuffed Oreos every time we saw it. 

Crossmen Booth

9. Blue Stars: Le Réve

The guard started the show in Jammies, the hornline played their opening hit laying down, and there was a giant bed on the field. How did this not win DCI? We suspect foul play

Blue Stars Guard

8. Phantom Regiment: Voice of Promise

Highlight of the season? When David Warren pulled a corn dog out of his jacket and proceeded to conduct the show with it. 

Phantom Regiment Conductor

7. Blue Knights - The Great Event

We were expecting "The Great Event" to be the worlds biggest pizza party for everyone at Lucas Oil. Alas, we paid $9 for a (rather small) personal pizza at Lucas Oil Instead.

6. Cadets: Awakening

The Cadets had a giant cake in their show. Speaking from experience, it didn't taste very good. 

Cadets Cakezilla

5. The Cavaliers: Propaganda

It was truly heartbreaking to see so many Cavaliers on the streets, homeless. They literally had uniforms made out of newspapers! Maybe their ad sales will help them rase money for new uniforms next season

Cavaliers Ad Space


4. Santa Clara Vanguard: Force of Nature

Force of Nature? Sounds like us after Taco Night. 

3. Carolina Crown: Relentless

We had the honor of sitting inside the Crown stagecoach during one of their rehearsals this season. While it lacked a couch, it did have plenty of space to stretch out for a mid-day nap before ensemble. 

2. Blue Devils: As Dreams Are Made On

Another show about dreams in the top 12? We decided to play along with BD this year by taking a nice siesta during their show each time we saw them. 

1. Bluecoats: Agriculture

The Yellow guard uniforms symbolize corn. The blue squiggles represent crop circles. Still trying to figure out what the half pipes have to do with Agriculture, though

 Nice Technique on display from the Mello section

Nice Technique on display from the Mello section

Till next year everyone, have fun hibernating through winter camps! -Couchmen