DCI 2016 Season Canceled in Wake of Pokemon Go Release

Pokemon have infiltrated every facet of our lives this week. From Wal-Mart to Wendy's. At the neighborhood park, or even in the privacy of our own bathroom, Pokemon are now, quite literally, everywhere. 

The timing of this invasion has had huge implications for the 2016 Drum Corps International Summer Tour. Pokemon have been spotted on rehearsal fields at housing sites across the country. They've made it into food trucks, and we're even hearing repots of a Snorlax in a women's shower! 

Bloo Charmander
Carolina Crown

Many corps have embraced this influx of Pokemon throughout the US. A Charmander was spotted with the Bluecoats drumline (reports are stating that their beats were on fire that day) earlier this week, and a Rattata was spotted enjoying Carolina Crown's ensemble rehearsal yesterday. 

Not all Drum Corps have welcomed these creatures into their midst, however. Reports from Pacific Crest indicate that a Doduo completely wreaked havoc on the corps food truck, eating nearly an entire corps sized meal before the members had their share. 

The Blue Stars have even gone so far as to label their food truck a "Pokemon Free Zone," hoping to avoid such mishaps. It is frightening to see such animosity towards a species within an activity that has historically been so inclusive. 

 Could this be the next great American Refuge Crisis? 

Could this be the next great American Refuge Crisis? 

There is also the issue of the elephant in the room. Drum Corps International has reported from Indianapolis that a giant Gyarados has completely taken over Lucas Oil Stadium. As the latest round of DCI Interns were entering the Stadium to work on logistics for the upcoming 2016 Championship, the Gyarados used its Hyper Beam attack, obliterating every trace of the 2016 intern class.

"This is obviously going to be an issue" stated Drum Corps International CEO Dan Acheson.

Lucas Oil

In the wake of these events, Drum Corps International has officially cancelled the remainder of their 2016 season. Many corps have opted to continue their tour across the US, hoping to get a head start on 2017 recruiting efforts by catching as many Pokemon as possible. 

David Glasgow, director of the Bluecoats, had this to say about the prospect of adding a new species to the field: "It would be foolish of us not to utilize the athletic abilities of these creatures within our programs. This will turn the activity downside-up in ways never thought possible" 

Pikachu Tilt

Its appears that Pokemon, not woodwinds, may very well be the death of this activity.