Old Man Admits Electronics in Drum Corps aren't that Bad

Allentown, Pennsylvania: 

"Speak up, sonny!" belted a raspy, weathered voice. "I can't hear you over the sound of these new fangled sound systems" 

We sat down at the one and only J. Birney Crum Stadium for an exclusive interview with 1970's Drum Corps alum, Jorgé Hopekans.

 "Back in my day, we didn't need these fancy electronics to put on a good show. They're just a crutch! These darned millennials are just soft. Heck, we only had 2 valves on our bugles and we liked it!" Hopekans stated.

Its no secret that electronics have not been welcome by all in the Drum Corps activity. Despite continued support from current members and staff, in addition to recent innovations in the quality provided by modern sound equipment, some alumni are claiming that this isn't even Drum Corps at all.

"I haven't seen a real Drum Corps show since 2003! All we have today are these glorified marching bands!" shouted David Fibs from a few rows back. Fibs, a member of the 1979 Futon Regiment, regrettably added "The only reason I still come to J. Birney are the snow cones. Have you seen the size of those things?" 

Despite the animosity, many old-timers are starting to come around on electronics. Hopekans contributed "Oh, I guess they aren't as bad as we make them out to be." Gasps erupted from audience members nearby at Hopekans startling admission. "What was that show a couple years back? Tilt? I reckon that was a pretty cool way to end a show."

It remains to be seen whether or not the old guard will fully come around on electronics. What we do know for sure is that whether they like it or not, you'll be hearing about it in the comment section of your favorite corps latest Facebook post.