2nd Year Vet Has It All Figured Out

Santa Clara, California: 

Turf Turds

"HAVE YOU NEVER DRESSED A FORM IN YOUR LIFE!?" Screamed Justin Jacobs, 2nd year member of the Santa Clara Bandguard Hornline. "Last years corps was so much better. These rookies just don't get it, we'll be lucky to make finals this year at this ra - COVER DOWN, RICK" Jacobs interacted before reseting to the top of the chunk. 

Jacobs was clearly disturbed throughout the entirety of this mornings visual rehearsal, as members around him made small but frequent mistakes. Despite the fact that Justin is only a 2 year member of the Bandguard, he claims his additional year of experience has really made his insight invaluable to the success of the corps.

Horn Stack

"I know its only the 7th show of the season, but I just feel like we were scoring in the mid-90s at this point last year. If we keep up this level of intensity, we're going to get slotted." 

Katie Clemons, a rookie in the trumpet section, could be seen crying as Jacobs called her a "tick bomb" multiple times throughout the day. "I know he's practically the best performer in the corps" Clemons stated " I just wish he didn't have to be so mean about everything. 

At the end of the block, Bandguard's Visual Caption Head commended the corps on their effort. "You've gotta be kidding me." Jacobs muttered under his breath. "I'm the only one pulling my weight here" 

For reasons unbeknownst to him, nobody sat with Jacobs during lunch.