Couchmen to Fold in 2015

Honolulu, Hawaii:

The Couchmen Drum & Bugle Corps have announced this morning that they are folding, effective immediately. The announcement comes exactly one year after the corps announced their plans to station their headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“The competitive ceiling in this era of the activity is just too high,” said corps director Zach Ashcraft. “There are just too many other activities out there that attract young adults, making it difficult to recruit students to our organization.”

With the Couchmen enjoying a brief period of success since their founding in 2010, the announcement comes as a shock to the rest of the drum corps community.

“I’m sure everyone will be sad to see the Couchmen fold. They have truly been an instrumental part of the activity the past couple of years. But you draw a line at a certain point, and that begins with ensuring that your members have clean clothes on your back,” added Giorgio Hopscotch, director of the Futon Regiment Drum & Bugle Corps.

The process certainly was not easy for the Couchmen. Rumors began to circulate ever since last week when it was confirmed that the corps did laundry for the first time in two years. Now that the laundry is clean, it is time for the corps to begin the folding process.

“It certainly won’t be easy. When you put off doing laundry for an extended period of time like we have, folding clothes can be an extremely grueling process,” Ashcraft added. “But we will push through. We certainly hope this is a minor bump in our corps’ history and that we can be back and stronger than ever in a short couple of years.”