Couchmen Announce New Food Truck

Denton, Texas: 

The Couchmen Drum and Bugle Corps have announced a brand new state-of-the-art fleet of trucks for the 2018 Season. 

Drum Corps Parking Lot

In addition to the much anticipated and long rumored Food Truck, The Couchmen also announced the addition of an Equipment Truck to the Fleet. The Equipment truck will be outfitted with industrial sized ovens, freezers, and cooking equipment to serve as a backup food truck should anything happen to the primary vehicle. 

Drum Corps Food Truck

The list of innovations for the Primary Vehicle is extensive, including numerous features never before seen on a Marching Arts Mobile Cooking Apparatus.


  • Multiple deep fryers so the corps can have fresh donuts for breakfast everyday
  • 34 Foot Grill Top - rated to cook 7 Tons of Bacon per day
  • Craft Coffee Shop located in the rear section of the truck
  • Iced sports drink dispensers
  • Two Wood Brick Pizza Ovens
  • Storage space SPECIFICALLY for Chicken Patties
  • Computer Server containing every Drum Corps recipe ever created
  • The roof of the truck is just a pool filled with chocolate milk
  • Ability to convert into Optimus Prime in case of emergencies

If you need a snack in the lot this summer, odds are the Couchmen Food Truck is going to be the place to look. 

 Photo by Erik Lindquist

Photo by Erik Lindquist