Bluecoats Repurpose "Jagged Line" Prop as Tiny House

Canton, OH: 

Following their first ever World Championship in 2016, The Bluecoats "Jagged Line" proved to be another ambitious and enjoyable program. 

Jagged Line

With recent innovations and and massive investments in electronics and prop technology, rumors of The Bluecoats financial instability have run rampant. Thankfully, reports from the organizations winter meetings came with some positive news for the Corps. 

"We've come up with a very unique fundraising opportunity for the corps this off-season" Director David Elbow confirmed. "Its safe to say no other corps has done anything like this" 

This week, the Bluecoats Board of Directors released a Six Word plan to renovate the massive Jagged Line prop, turning it into a Tiny Home for rent in the corps hometown of Canton, Ohio. 

While blueprints and final designs were not made available to us, it should comfortably house a family of 17. By our estimation, it should fit anywhere between 5-7 bedrooms and roughly 6 bathrooms. 

"It'll be listed on Airbnb by the end of the week" said Elbow. "With the ability to transport the entire prop in an 18-Wheeler, it might even make an appearance at the 2018 World Championships as a Stadium-Front rental option."

Its refreshing to see this corps continue their on-field innovations in an effort to fundraise off the field. With this added revenue stream, we look forward to seeing even bigger and better props from them in 2018.