Being A Corps

In 2013, the Board of Directors for the Boston Crusaders formulated a five-year plan. Re-focusing and re-branding, the historic drum corps based out of Boston, Massachussets re-imagined the meaning behind it’s infamous acronym, “B.A.C.”


Previously standing for “Boston Area Crusaders” (with plenty of other unofficial meanings), this acronym was simply a nickname, so-to-speak. But the five-year plan, which just ended with the 2018 season, aimed to take the drum corps to new heights. Bigger budgets, new staff, higher rankings in finals - these goals were all wrapped under the new definition, “Building A Champion.”

But after a successful five-year plan launched the Crusaders into a fifth place finish with their highest score ever this summer, the Board thought it was time for a change. After much deliberation, BAC has a new mission: “Being A Corps.”

“The truth is, everyone’s pretty tired. This whole ‘Building A Champion’ thing has been fun, but it’s exhausting, and we want to set our sights a little lower for once. We feel our new meaning really sums up what the Boston Crusaders will be about moving forward: just being a corps,” Executive Director Chris Holland says.

BAC Alumnus and Board Member Michael Woodall adds, “I cannot think of a better description of what the Boston Crusaders are, and will always continue to be. Being A Corps perfectly sums up all of our goals.”

Citing that they “already did pretty good this season,” the Board elaborates that, instead of focusing on success, they will shift their focus to just existing. Their mission is, quite simply, to have a hornline, a battery, a front ensemble, and a colorguard, and have it be mutually understood by everyone involved in the activity that the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps is, in fact, a drum & bugle corps.

Founded in 1940, corps history and identity has always been important to the drum corps. Despite some vast changes the past few years, as well as letting go of long-held traditions like playing “conquest shots” in every show, or donning red & black uniforms, it is clear the identity of the drum corps is as powerful as ever.



Holland also says that “there is no better way to describe the Boston Crusaders than by calling us a drum corps. That means we are already achieving our goals. As long as we keep Being A Corps, nothing can stop us from being a corps.”

It may seem early for drum corps to be planning for the 2019 season, but BAC is clearly ahead of the game. Being A Corps is a lofty goal, but it’s what fans expect, and Boston recognizes this. BAC has a history of being tough, but they’re tired now, and this new meaning behind their infamous acronym will undoubtedly take them to the same heights as ever before.