The Couchmen have a few simple rules for social media. The Couchmen staff monitor our Snapchat and Instagram accounts closely during takeovers, and 


  1. Have fun. 
  2. Your must inform your corps director or media manager (or both) and request permission before hosting one of our channels. 
  3. Interact with our followers and feel free to reply, answer questions, etc.
  4. Support your organization! We want to know what you love about being a part of your Corps, Guard, Drumline, etc
  5. No trash talking, bullying, hate speech etc. of ANY KIND. Be respectful of all Drum Corps/Ensembles and the members within, including your own. We're all in this together  
  6. Please avoid talking about controversial real world issues such as politics, religion, etc. We fully support free speech and encourage you to voice your opinions on your own social media channels. That being said, The Couchmen exist to provide entertainment and fun in the midst of a typically already stressful environment  and the last thing we want to do is add to that stress by talking about these issues. 
  7. If anyone harasses you in any way through one of our platforms, weather it be an inappropriate snap or an abusive message on Instagram, please let us know immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to this, and will block offenders. Don't feel like you have to defend yourself or respond to them. 
  8. No Profanity - wheather it comes from your mouth or a conversation in the background. The Couchemen are 100% Family Friendly
  9. You must follow all dress code rules for your respective organization while hosting. This means shirts in the food line and other places. We don't want to be the reason a corps loses a housing site. You are free to wear whatever you normally would during rehearsal as long the clothing doesn't violate any of the above rules. Remember you are representing your organization. 
  10. Don't forget to have fun